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Swag Up Your Next Event

Posted on April 02, 2014 by Swag Paper | 0 Comments

Our motto here at Swag Paper is to always 'think outside the walls.'  We love it when our customers find creative new ways to use our product so when we got the call from Lauren Fox, owner of Fox Events, to be involved with an event she was designing for the Charleston Wine and Food Festival we jumped at the opportunity.  Her mission was to transform a 30'x45' structure tent meant for media and press covering the event.  The concept for Swag Paper was to cover 35 individual wood panels (4'x8') that when put together equal a total of 60' ft of wall space.  The design chosen to cover each wood plank was our Classic Trellis pattern in Wasabi....And here are the results!!

We are happy to report that the event was such a success that our client Lauren Fox was able to rent out her new Swag Papered walls to clients for future events!!  Next time you a throwing a party or planning a large scale event (wedding, birthday, baby shower) think of incorporating Swag Paper for the perfect backdrop!!


Happy Swagging!

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