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Domino: The Book Of Decorating

Posted on November 13, 2012 by Daniela Fields | 0 Comments

Does anybody remember Domino Magazine (read article), "the guide to living with style?"  Editor in chief of the magazine, Deborah Needleman, lent herself to publishing, Domino: The Book of Decorating, aka my personal decorating bible!  It may not be the newest design book on the shelves but it is certainly a serious must-read must-have book that is "a room-to-room guide to creating a home that makes you happy."  It is a great step by step guide for non professionals and teaches you everything from how to layout furniture in your space to mixing and matching colors, patterns and textures.  It is super easy to follow and will give anyone confidence to become their own designer, besides its a pretty coffee table book. If I can do it, trust me you can too!

A glimpse inside:

Chapter 1: 'Getting Started'

With millions of options of fabrics, materials, furniture pieces etc....decorating can be thought of as a daunting and very overwhelming task as opposed to a fun decorating project.  Not convinced?  Here is a glimpse into chapter one that breaks down how and where to begin your decorating adventure in 9 easy steps.  I have added links and personal prefences to each each step.

  • Step 1: Find Inspiration
Start gathering and collecting any and everything that catches your eye from pictures in a magazine to paint chips to old photos. (Of course now we can add Pinterest and other community platforms that have a plethora of inspiration).  Next step is to organize your findings whether it be in a folder or box or to use a great cloud software personally I like Olioboard which I recently talked about on Facebook. And lastly look for themes amongst your collection (i.e. common colors, collections etc).
  •  Step 2: Determine Your Style
Now its time to attach words to your themes and start naming your style!  Don't confine yourself to one word. For example I am a bit vintage with a classic feel and a dash of bohemian!  


  • Step 3: Consider How You'll Use the Room

Here is where you start to strategize your needs and start to differentiate practicality vs. fantasy.  You may be inspired by a formal dining room area you found in a luxury magazine but if your family tends to gather in your kitchen nook to eat it may end up being wasted space.

  • Step 4: Asses Your Stuff

Take pictures of everything you have including lamps, mirrors, furniture etc.  Start to categorize them into four categories keep, change (revamp), giveaway and sell.  Personally I love re-purposing my stuff, you can read my blog tutorial on my 'Anthropologie Inspired China Cabinet Makeover.'



  • Step 5: Draw Up a Floor Plan

Start mapping out your room and choosing vocal points and highlights.  Decide between esthetic and practicality.  Maybe you have a great window that doesn't get enough attention or a fireplace that could use a facelift and made into something great.  Maybe you want more of an open layout for entertaining or maybe you want to direct your furniture pieces to have the TV as the focus.  Take some time and draw up a sketch.

  • Step 6: Set a Budget

Set a realistic budget for yourself and assess how you want to distribute it.  I tend to gravitate towards a few 'posch' or more expensive items and mix them with both re-purposed and vintage finds.  There are so many great bloggers out there with DIY tips and tutorials that can really help teach you ways to save money by crafting things yourself.  Here are just a few great blogs worth checking out (there are literally thousands) and


  • Step 7: Research, Research, Research

Here is where you will want to surf the net or take a trip to your local decor store and find out whats out there!  Here is a link to a list of the top 100 interior design blogs where you can find great resources of where can score great finds.  For online shopping check out and for free standing stores check out your local Home Goods Store.

  • Step 8: Create a Design Scheme

Here is where you put all the pieces together.  Compare your mood board with your budget and list of things you need and see how everything stacks up.


  • Step 9: Make a Decorating Schedule

Design and decorating 'surprises' are pretty common when you are going to tackle a big project.  To make your life easier make to-do lists of EVERYTHING you will need and try to give things a time schedule. (i.e. need to order custom couch -takes 4 weeks etc).

I hope that was convincing enough for all you aspiring designers to take a leap of faith!  If anyone wants to share thoughts, tips or other design related links feel free!  Till next time....happy decorating.

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