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Tips: Cutting Corners and Trimming Edges

Posted on February 20, 2013 by Daniela Fields | 0 Comments

Swag Paper's peel-and-stick panels are the easiest way to reinvent your space.  Follow these tips and tricks for a perfect seamless installation.

Where To Start:

A general rule of thumb is to start hanging your Swag Paper in a corner away from you natural source of light.  However, if there is a focal point such as a fireplace, window or mirror begin hanging your wallpaper centrally or along the edge of that particular focal point working your way out to either corner.  The goal is to end your installation in the least noticeable corner.

*Before & After: Custom Grasscloth Texture


Hanging Around Corners:

When reaching the end of your wall you may find that you only need 3/4 of your last panel to finish that wall.  Swag Paper Is easy to cut and trim prior to installation.  To pre-trim a panel down to size simply roll your panel out flat, pattern side down.  Using a straight edge measure your wall from the edge of your last panel hung to the edge of the wall.  From that measurement add .5"-1" inch extra.  Using a pencil or pen mark your measurements on the back of your rolled out panel.   Using a cutting mat (or work table), straight edge and x-acto knife follow your crop marks and trim the excess.

*This technique can also be used to trim pieces horizontally*


Using the straight edge trim your panel and save the excess piece for your next wall.


Using a smoothing tool or putty knife wrap your excess 1" onto the next wall and smooth your edges.  Notice that your extra inch will easily fall into place onto your next wall.  To ensure your next panel will line up correctly take the piece of excess you just trimmed and hang that seamlessly beside the one inch section already covering your new wall (essentially piecing your panel back together).  Continue hanging on your new wall with your remaining panels!

Trimming Around Tile and Windows:

Begin by positioning the paper in the normal way, pull the release liner off until you reach your window or tile edge. Using a straight edge or smoothing tool press the paper into the edges firmly around the frame.  Using scissors cut a diagonal line back exactly to the top corner of the edge.

Pull the remaining release away from the paper to let your panel naturally fall straight down the length of your wall.  Using your smoothing tool, reinforce your edges. 

Holding a smoothing tool in one hand and an x-acto knife or utility knife in the other follow down the edge line to trim the excess.

Once trimmed peel away the excess

Trimming Around Fixtures:

To trim around circular fixtures secure and smooth your Swag Paper until you are about 2"-3" away from reaching your fixture.  Continue to pull your release liner past the fixture but let that portion of your paper hang loose until all cuts are made.  Using a scissors mark the center of your fixture and make a series of radiating cuts around the fixture making sure not to over cut.

*Tip: To hang Swag Paper around square fixtures or switch plates mark the center and cut four diagonal lines from the center to each edge of the plate.  Using a straight edge and x-acto or utility knife trim around the edges.  Alternative: You can loosen the screws of the plate and tuck the pieces behind the plate for a seamless finish.*


Using a putty knife or smoothing tool scribe the wallpaper in around the edges. Smooth down the remainder of your Swag Panel and place your fixture (or towel rack) back into place.


*Tip: If you have mirrors that leave a small gap between the wall and the actual mirror you may not have to remove it prior to installation.  Instead try using a smoothing tool (or credit card) to tuck your paper behind the mirror.*

Saving Your Release Liner:

Making sure that your release liner stays clean and debris free is essential to properly be able to reverse roll your Swag Paper for reuse.  Start rolling your liner up as soon as enough of it has been pulled away from the paper, continue rolling it as you work your way down your panel.  Once you reach the end of your panel store the release liner in its rolled position.  When you are ready to remove your Swag Paper reverse roll it back onto the liner.


I hope these install tips were helpful!!!  For more tips, tricks and design inspiration make sure to stay connected on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  Happy Swagging!


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