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Inspiration Board: Traditional & Glamorous

Posted on April 09, 2013 by Daniela Fields | 0 Comments


This is the first in a new series of inspiration boards illustrating different ways you can decorate use Swag Paper as your backdrop!!  Each week I will feature a different Swag Paper pattern and showcase how simple it is to incorporate into a room.  Inspiration boards are fun and easy and allow you to visualize what your room will/can look like.  You can literally buy the items from your board or simply use it as a guide for design inspiration.  I will also be posting all items and inspiration boards on our Pinterest page which is also a great resource to find items for your own decorating desires!

If you consider yourself to be a bit 'design challenged' begin with either a color palette or a staple piece that you want to build your room around (i.e. Wallpaper;).  For the room above I chose neutral blues and greys and added bright yellows and lime green for pops of color.  If you need help with color schemes check out Design-Seeds they have hundreds of amazing color palettes to chose from!  Once you have your color palette or focal piece start picking items that feature similar hues and voila....your room starts coming to life!!

You will find that being able to visually see an idea makes mixing and matching patterns a breeze.   


1) Swag Paper: Chain Link in Topaz 

2) Merete Curtains: Ikea

3) Maxim Lighting Nexus 5 Chandelier

4) Custom Rockford Sofa

5) Clayborn Reverse Mirror Chest

6) Burke Armless Upholstered Slipper Chair

7) Calvin Klein Rug

8) Labyrinth Pillow in Citrine

9) Villa Home Accent Pillow

10) Golden Honey Square Accent Pillows

11) Wood Coffee Table

12) Copper Birch Bark Vases

13) Green Candle Holder

Please feel free to comment below with any questions, comments or suggestions. Happy Swagging:)

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