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5 Reason Vintage Maps are a Must Have

Posted on October 03, 2013 by Swag Paper | 1 Comment

After working tirelessly on perfecting our new Vintage Map Collection we thought we would share our top 5 reasons why you simply must have one!  

5) You get to own a piece of history.  These are real maps from the 1700 and 1800 hundreds that have been carefully preserved and digitally scanned.  The Swag Team has been able to edit out the imperfections and add color options which makes all of our maps one of a kind masterpieces!

1887 Map of the Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway 

4) You can use our maps as a teaching tool.  Your kiddos will be able to get a life size geography lesson right from your wall! Our maps look great in just about any room (or furniture) but can be a unique way to dress up any childs play space.  

1876 Lithographed map showing shipping routes

1876 Lithographed map showing shipping routes 

3) What better reason to have a map on your wall then to reminisce the nostalgia of travels past or to get inspired to go places you have never been.  Now you can get lost in the fantasy of eating that chocolate croissant and sipping a glass of champagne while gazing at your new beautiful wall of Paris!

Paris 1705

Map of Paris 1705

2) Well if not for anything else these maps make for a great conversation piece.  You will be hailed as having the coolest home decor that none of your friends have but all of your friends will want.  They will oogle over the amazing attention to detail and the originality of your interior design expertise.  No more boring conversations in this house that's for sure!

1879 Map of the World

1862 Double Hemisphere Map

London Detail

1890 Map of London

1) Hands down the best reason everyone should have one of our new Vintage Maps is the fact that it is printed on the same fabulous peel-and-stick material as our wallpaper.  That means that you can remove, reposition and reuse your map.  The larger maps are pre-cut into panels for easy installation.  It's a great solution for renters or anyone looking for a non permanent, non damaging mind blowing statement piece!

Easy to Install Pre-Cut Panels

And that rounds up our top 5 reasons our Vintage Maps are the coolest thing that has happened to home decor!  Our maps range in size from poster to full wall size options and can be easily trimmed to fit your space.  Don't be shy to inquire about custom sizing, we would love to hear from you!

Happy Swagging

*for custom sizing contact us at

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February 14, 2014

These are awesome…one suggestion. Do a NYC subway system wall map…THAT would be an Instabuy for me!

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