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Features of Swag Paper

Want stellar looking accent walls without being restricted to the commitment and expense of traditional wallpaper? YUP, you sure do! SWAG PAPER is a premium quality polyester woven removable "peel and stick" wallcovering made specifically for the true do-it-yourselfer. Our material is lightly textured so it feels as good as it looks. And yes, it looks good. Well, fantastic actually! Our prints range from light to bold, traditional to contemporary and are perfect for those looking to accent their surroundings in a fun and simple way. Have a look at some of our patterns.

Self Sticking

Picture a giant sticker made for adults! With an easy to peel off backing, it applies directly to your walls and comes off in a snap.

Cost Effective

Traditional designer wallpaper can range from $2-$20 (and up) per square foot not including additional installation costs. compare that side by side with Swag Paper.

Commitment Free

Because Swag Paper is so easy to remove, your can use it for as little or as long as you would like.


Our premium woven material feels just as fantastic as it looks.

Why Swag Paper?

Traditional designer wallpaper can range from $2-$20 (and up) per square foot and installation costs range between $5-$15 dollars a square foot. Swag Paper starts at just $6.00 per square foot! There is also the commitment factor, as most people know putting up traditional wallpaper is permanent, messy and costly! Swag Paper is a DIY project that can be tackled in a very short time, is non-permanent and does not require you to find and hire additional help for installation and removal.


Choosing the right size of your wallsOne of the most frustrating aspects of hanging most other wallpapers is attempting to match the pattern from panel to panel. Because all of our panels are precut to a specific wall height (and not given to you in a roll of 10 yards or more) the pattern begins at the same point every time! Finding the right SWAG PAPER for your walls is easy. SWAG PAPER comes in 25" (plus an additional 1" overlap) wide panels pre-cut to 5 standard wall heights. Why does it come like this? To make it extremely EASY to install. Trust us... this alleviates A LOT of difficulty during the installation process.

To get a proper fit, start by measuring the height and width of your selected wall. Simply select the height that is closest to one of our 6 standard wall heights. Please note to always round up your measurements. For example if your wall is 8 feet 3 inches, then you would choose a panel height of 8 feet 6 inches. Next measure the width of your wall from edge to edge. After determining the width measurement of your wall, simply divide that measurement by 2. This number determines the number of panels you will need to fit your wall. For example if the width of your wall is 12 feet, you will need 6 panels. Easy Peasy! *If for whatever reason your wall height does not comply with any of our standards, simply drop us a line and we can custom cut panels for you.