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Our Company

SWAG PAPER is a boutique online retailer providing premium accent wallcoverings made to bring a little bit of luxury appeal to your home. Our premium quality polyester woven removable "peel and stick" wallcoverings are made specifically for the true do-it-yourselfer. The material of our product is lightly textured, so it feels as good as it looks. Each order is received as individual panels custom to the square footage of your wall. 

Although Swag Paper can be applied to all your surrounding walls we have gone a step further by matching the colors in each of our patterns to colors from three popular paint brands. The paint colors range from exact matches to shades that will compliment your new accent wall. The combination of Swag Paper and its 'paint partners' allow you to be creative as you would like. 

From conception to fruition, we have carefully crafted and colored each pattern based on just about anything that inspires us. Whether it be places traveled (or want to travel!), colors from anything that has it or textures taken out of context from nature we design what we would hang! Our designs are contemporary in style, revolutionary in concept and refined by originality with a splash of traditional elements...