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Swag Paper vs. Traditional Wallpaper

The many reasons why Swag Paper has the cutting edge

Swag Paper Traditional Wallpaper
Self-Sticking, No Adhesive or Paste Required
100% Crinkle-Free
Pre-cut Panels for Easy Installation
No Need to Hire Professional Labor at Additional Cost With Swag Paper there is no need to hire professional labor. It is truly a Do-It-Yourself job. The Average Price of Hiring Professional Wallpaper Installation Labor can be anywhere from $2 - $8 per square foot. This is nearly the total cost of Swag Paper alone!
Easy to Remove Without Damaging Walls If you have ever tried removing wallpaper yourself, you will know just how much of a pain it can be. Additional labor is often required at a significant additional expense.
Always uses Eco-Friendly Latex Inks
Can be Used as a Temporary Wall Decor Solution
And Finally... Pricing! Swag Paper starts at just $6.00/square foot! Remember that Swag Paper is a DIY project that can be tackled in a snap. It is non-permanent and does not require you to find and hire additional help for installation and removal, leaving your wallet nice and happy. Traditional designer wallpaper can range from $2-$20 (and up) per square foot plus the cost of installation ranging between $2-$8+ dollars a square foot. And if you ever change your mind about it down the road, additional removal costs can come back to bite you.